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Empower System with Human Brilliance

Human Logic Intelligence (HLI) mirrors how human experts make decisions by assembling logical steps like puzzle pieces, comprehending thought processes, and incorporating logical frameworks. Instead of solely relying on data, we aim to enhance Artificial Intelligence and automation systems by infusing them with human-like thinking, experience, and understanding.

alternate model

Context-Aware Reasoning Technology


Meaning Based Reasoning

Unlike existing AI with training models, it can understand intentions based on the meaning in natural language.


Transparent Reasoning

The entire reasoning process is completely transparent, which makes it easy to manage the knowledge base.


Universally Applicable

Not only the AI can immediately learn your domain knowledge, but also it can expand to different contexts.

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Unit of Reasoning: Canonical Model

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Delightful Experience with HLI


“Finally Found a Solution to Tackle Complex Needs.”

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What our clients say about HLI

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“Villa Market is using HLI (Human Logic Intelligence) primarily to reduce out of stock situation which is caused primarily by wrong ordering and forecasting. Currently our loss sales due to out of stock is running at around 10% of our sales. Of this number, what we can fix by simply using HLI is around 70% as the other 30% is beyond our control. So that means HLI can help recover loss sales of $21M annually that means 25% increase to the bottomline.

And this doesn’t include impacts on our customer experience since they can always get their products when they want. It is very hard to quantify but to a retailer, it is the number one prize because you can keep your customers coming back. It is a real edge!”

Pisit Poosanakhom, Chairman, Villa Market

Real-World Business Cases with HLI

Our Human Logic Intelligence Solutions



Accelerate real-world business performance by building a synergistic model with Human Logic Intelligence-X

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HLI Automation


Boost business productivity by automating business process by Human Logic Intelligence-Automate, designed for transformative business

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