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Accelerate Real-World Performance with HLI-X
Businesses should be aware in areas where logical reasoning should be involved, ensuring there is appropriate human input and oversight.
MIT Sloan Review, 2023

Multiply Business Success with HLI-X

In the evolving landscape of machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL), a series of challenges has emerged, limiting its effectiveness in real-world applications. Introducing Human Logic Intelligence (HLI), ready to address these challenges and turn the commonplace into the exceptional.

multi business success with hli-x

Conventional to Exceptional

The Human Logical Intelligence (HLI) system emerges as a harmonious solution, associated with traditional AI frameworks. HLI overcomes the limitations of conventional AI frameworks, by mapping human thought processes, similar to how the human brain operates.

statisticsTraditional ML/DL

  • Challenges in adapting to real-time data
  • Dependency on extensive historical data
  • Conclusion based on limited context
statisticsStatistics-based output

Human Logic Intelligence-X
with Human Logic Intelligence-X

  • Optimizing Rarities and Possibilities
  • Reasoning with Contextual Data
  • Mapping Human Thought Process
Real time
Real-time, Contextual Input
from user and/or system

= Synergistic Model

  • Maximize Accuracy and Reliability
  • Direct Goal-aligned Outcomes
  • Develop while Saving Costs and Resources
High quality
High-quality Business Insight

Human Logic Intelligence-X

as a Deterministic Control Tower

Human Logic Intelligence, powered by Mind AI’s Canonical Model and Reasoning Engine, drives business and digital transformation, offering adaptability and scalability tailored to your business needs as a transformative solution.

alternate model
Goal-aligned Outcomes


Decision-making Precision


Cost Reduction


Tailored Experience

Tailored Experience
to Specific Needs

HLI-X Use Case: Football Prediction

Say you want to know the outcomes of a football match at 90 mins, or during half-time. HLI combines a traditional, statistical ML model and Mind AI’s HLI to give you an answer that mirrors a Premier League pundit, without the added sarcasm.

Team B has less than a 10% chance of winning.
Tradtional Machine
Traditional Machine Learning
  • Utilized extensive amount of historical match data dating back to 2009
  • Identified statistical patterns to forecast outcomes
  • Analyzed statistics-based data such as half-time goals, shots, shots on target, and red cards
Traditional ML Conclusion

In a recent EPL match between Team A and B, the ML model predicted Team B had less than a 10% chance of winning, given their 0-1 score and the game's advanced stage.

Hmm... Are you sure?
Human experts arrive at conclusions through a blend of thought processes, logic, inference, and accumulated experiences, showcasing the unique richness of human expertise.
Team B has a winning chance of 48% while Team A has only 33%. (Draw: 18%)
Human Logic Intelligence-X
with Human Logic Intelligence-X
  • Engaged users to uncover stakes of the game for psychological impact assessment
  • Analyzed descriptive outcomes to gauge player fatigue and future performance (i.e. tight draw, dominated last game)
  • Prompted users to describe the conditions of key players
ML with HLI-X Conclusion

With HLI, final prediction incorporated factors such as player conditions, team morale, and contextual information, leading to more nuanced and human-like decision-making.

High-Quality Business Insights with HLI-X

Gain precise business insights and conclusions that align with your business goals, adapting to real-time and contextual changes.

Expert-like Insight

Elevate your models to expert levels, making decisions sharper and strategies smarter.

Context-aware Conclusion

Make contextual decisions that are sensitive to the surrounding circumstances.

Tailored Experience

Offer a more optimized experience, catering precisely to the unique requirements of each user or situation.

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